Reasons for off-site document storage

Many people store the documents on site, most probably because they have never heard about off-site storage or they don’t know that the off-site storage is better than the on-site. Below are the reasons as to why document storage in Dubai should be done off-site or is better than on-site storage.

  1. Space: If a company is storing the documents in the office only then a lot of space would be occupied even if the documents are placed in the filing containers or place in a particular warehouse.

But, if you keep the same documents off-site, then believe us, there would be a lot of free space in your office and by doing so your office won’t have any kind of clutter making your office neat and organized.

  • Safety: When the documents are stored in the office, there is very much possibility that somebody can steal them or they can get damaged. The private information related to finance can go in somebody’s hands who is not worth it and this could be really bad. Therefore, the documents must be stored off site in order to ensure high levels of safety and security. The storage facilities make sure that your documents are not only safe from the thieves but from also environmental disasters. The storage present off site has proper monitoring system and nobody other than the registered person can enter. So, just relax and store your documents off site.
  • Cost: Storing of the documents on site could be quite costly. The reason being that the rent has to be given for storing the documents, the workers has be paid when they search a document for you when required, payments for tools utilized for tools in order to store the documents has to be done and also there will be extra costs when you have to bring a new storage box because the old has become damaged. All these things will cost a lot of money. Therefore, storing of the documents should be done off site. In off-site storage, a fixed amount has to be paid each month. Also, when you or somebody in your office requires a particular document, you can ask for it through the online system. You will get the document after some time. This is great, no?

Look at the cost of storage facilities in Dubai here.

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