Accredited Universities-Things to know

If you are considering going to a university or college to further your education, then probably the first thing that will cross your mind is if you should attend an Accredited University. It is a common belief that ‘academic credentials’ are what determine whether you will get a job or not. However, this belief is highly debated and is not at all true. A person’s qualification or training may not necessarily mean that they will be able to get the job they want. In order to have a better education, you need to join an accredited college or university.

The term ‘accreditation is generally used to refer to educational institutions that have achieved a certain recognition by one or more of the accrediting bodies. There are many accredited universities in UAE which has achieved recognition from the various accrediting bodies, the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation of Higher Education (IRAC) and the National Committee for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCAA TEE) also recognized by the same agencies. Some other Accredited universities and colleges are accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Health Education, which is a part of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). So there are a number of Accredited universities in the world.

In general, it is seen that a higher level of education almost always comes with a higher price. An Accredited University ensures that the cost of higher education does not escalate. Therefore the demand for Accredited universities has grown tremendously in the recent past, as more people are turning to online universities as a way to gain higher qualifications and better employment prospects. Therefore, the demand for Accredited universities has increased.

Many people do not understand what the role of an Accredited university or college is. Therefore, the main function of an Accredited university is to ensure that the quality of education offered is of the highest standard possible. In this regard, they play an important role in protecting the interest of potential students who may wish to pursue higher education.

The role of an Accredited university is similar to that of any other University. However, the primary difference is that the Accredited universities have already received accreditation from one or more of the Accredited university review bodies such as the Department of Education. They have also passed the Joint Review Committee on Education in Health Education. T

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