Bex Aston


Bex Aston is a London based Creative Director, Photographer and Video Director.

Her work explores the importance of visual narrative in all its manifestations within a sociological context – a distinct style which informs and embraces the language of aesthetics to engage emotionally with the viewer. Her interdisciplinary practice from fashion to film through a range of mediums, crosses boundaries with a dynamic yet sensitive approach, finding its unique space within an image-propelled social media era.
Her response possesses its own unique and infinite visual impact, inspired by the unspoken, unguarded norms of moments where the suggested is more powerful than the explicit.

Beginning her career as a Fine Artist, Bex has collaborated with Annermarieke van Drimmelen, Ben Weller, Elaine Constantine and Tom Craig, and was Visual Director of Jack Wills and Aubin and Wills, where she introduced a new visual vocabulary to build brand identity.

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