Where did you grow-up, and tell me one really interesting thing you loved or hated about that place?

I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan. It’s truly a stunning spot in the world. Most people think of Detroit when they hear “Michigan” which is OK but they have no idea what Northern Michigan is really like. To this day I enjoy my time up there. One of my favorite things about it is the fresh water and how it looks like an ocean.

Who was your first hero and why?

To this day I’ve always looked up to my Father. He truly is a wonderful man and now that I have a baby I aspire to be the Dad he was to me and still is.

When did you take your first photograph?

When I was in high school I went to Ireland and my parents had bought me a 35mm that I took with me. I had no idea what I was doing but fell in love with being able to capture a memory that is still with me to this day.

Which photographer has had the biggest impact on you inspiration-wise?

Norman Jean Roy has always been an inspiration to me.

Tell me some wise words on the subject of photography?

If you’re looking at your portfolio and sensing a few big holes, but there aren’t any jobs on the horizon to fill those gaps, don’t be afraid to begin by putting test shoots on the books. Some of my favorite images in my portfolio have come from unpaid, creative exploration shoots.
One time, I carried a Corona bottle around with me at the beach, shot it, and put it up on Instagram. Of course, the hope is that Corona finds the shot and wants to hire me or buy the image, but even if they don’t (which they didn’t), it adds a little something new to my portfolio.
No matter how new you are to commercial photography or how seasoned, you should always be doing exploratory shoots like this. The world isn’t always going to hand you the experience you need to get the job; sometimes you have to pencil that experience into your calendar on your own.

Who would play you in the movie of your life, and what would the soundtrack be?

Hopefully Brad Pitt! At the moment the album ‘Atlas’ by Sleeping at Last would be my soundtrack

A Few of Your Favourite Things Are…..?

My wife Chelsea
My new baby Pax
My family
My home
Playing hockey
Getting to do what I love

Your friends would describe you as…..?

Loyal and kind

What’s your big dream in life?

A healthy life with my family and friends. To one day have a vacation home in Northern Michigan.

Emoji that sums up your life motto?

Face with one eye closed sticking out its tongue!

*Tell us a BONUS FACT about yourself:

We have a tradition in our home where we flip cakes for everyone’s birthday. I’ve never seen my Father drop a cake before. I took over the tradition years ago!