10 Things You Need To Know About.... Benjamin Swanson!

Where did you grow-up, and tell us one really interesting thing you loved or hated about that place?

Being from a military family I moved around a lot, however I spent the longest amount of time living in a small seaside town called Felixstowe in Suffolk. It was such a safe place to grow up and I had so much freedom to spend time outside with friends, at the beach or out skateboarding. It soon became very claustrophobic though!

When did you take your first photograph?

I have no recollection of taking my first photograph! I assume it would be as a kid stealing my Dad’s camera. However I think my first meaningful image was taken when I was at high school, where I photographed one of my friends, Mills, out skateboarding. My Art tutor loved it!

Which photographer has had the biggest impact on you inspiration-wise?

Many photographers have inspired me at different times. I think one photographer that I discovered at a pivotal time was John Deakin. Not for his imagery but I read a lot of his letters, plus articles about him. I loved his care free attitude and general philosophy towards being a photographer. I found that most inspiring.

Tell me some wise words on the subject of photography?

Photography has very little to do with cameras.

Who would play you in the movie of your life, and what would the soundtrack be?

I think Damian Lewis would play me. Apparently I look like him. The soundtrack would have to be ‘Always Look on The Bright Side of Life’ – Monty Python.

A Few of Your Favourite Things Are…..?



My guitar(s).



Your friends would describe you as…..?

My friends would describe me as cynical. I would say I’m just realistic.

What’s your big dream in life?

To have the freedom to do what I want to do and to enjoy doing it, with no regrets.

Emoji that sums up your life motto?

The emoji of a watch. My life motto is ‘ time and effort’.

watch emoji


Tell Us An Interesting Fact About Yourself?

I used to be in a death metal band. I had long hair and even went on UK and European tours, it was good fun!